Shopping Guide for Different Eyeglasses

A Concise Shopping Guide for Different Eyeglasses

The days when eyeglasses were the cause of endless taunts and jibes are long gone. In today’s society, they redefine cool and it is no wonder then that you now can spot many people donning sophisticated eyewear. Please see information on mens eyeglasses, womens eyeglasses, designer eyeglasses and kids eyeglasses.

Making a Fashion Statement

eyeglassesIf you are a fashion enthusiast, you can dazzle with the best brands in the market and make heads turn when you arrive in style. What’s more, these fashion accessories are fronted by formidable brands from Gucci to Calvin Klein, among many others. Whatever your lifestyle, there is a type of eyewear that is made with you in mind.
Here are some lines to lookout for when you hit the stores:

1.Kid’s Eyeglasses

The contemporary kid wants that cool Jaden and Willow Smith look, and after a doctor’s prescription, they will demand for the best frames around. Your kid deserves the most sophisticated look, but you have to consider the safety of these glasses.

Features to consider include shatterproof lenses, scratch-resistant coating for the lenses, spring-armed frames to avoid warping or bending, silicone nose pads to avoid slipping from the nose and of course aesthetics for kid’s eyewear to ensure they love them. There are myriad frames to choose from and lenses must conform to the doctor’s prescription.

2.Men’s Eyeglasses

Forget the misconception that eyeglasses are geeky, because in men’s fashion they are the essence of glamour. You just need to have a look at Idris Elba, Fran Ocean, Jon Hamm and Leonardo DiCaprio, among other handsome men in glasses, to realize the stunning effect of eyewear.

Make sure the frame fits the shape of your face. More importantly, the frame choice matters and you can select from among full-rim metal, full-rim plastic, wood, rimless, among other styles. Shapes also vary greatly from geometric, oval to rectangle among others. Brands are also many including Perry Ellis, Burberry and Eddie Bauer among others.

3.Ladies Eyeglasses

If you are a lady who lives fashion trends then you appreciate the incredible transformation that comes with well selected eyewear. From Ann Hathaway, Alicia Keys to Jennifer Aniston, you can tell that even celebrities value their glasses. Well, brands such as Gucci, Kate Spade, Kensie Retro, Oliver Peoples, Ray Ban, River Island and Prada have it all and much more.

Your face shape, be it square, round, oval or heart, determines your eyewear choice. What’s more, look for a style that blends with the rest of your accessories while the lens must also be chosen based on your needs.

.Designer Eyewear and Sunglasses

If you really want to impress with your eyeglasses then go for designer eyewear which fuses functionality with aesthetics. From Ray Bans, Armani Exchange, Prada, DKNY to Vogue, there are infinite choices for the coolest designer eyewear.

In all your eyewear choices, make sure you consider your face shape, hair color, personality, the event you are attending and, most importantly, the quality of the brand.